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Cinq In has two main formats of providing services to clients and its cancellation/Refund and Re-booking policy accordingly differs according to the format chosen

  1. INSTANT HELP- Here ,the client chooses to avail therapy and counseling services immediately from a Consultant available online

  2. ADVANCE BOOKING - Here, the client books an appointment with a Consultant/Therapist/Counselor for a later date.

  • In such cases where the client chooses the format of INSTANT HELP, no cancellation/refund of money/rebooking is allowed as the process of consultation/therapy/counseling begins immediately.

  • In the cases where the client chooses another format and opts for ADVANCE BOOKING, cancellation with refund of money or cancellation with permission for re-booking of the appointment already taken will be allowed according to the conditions mentioned below:-

    1. Cancellation with refund of money will be allowed only in cases where the Consultant/Therapist is not available at the time of appointment to provide the client with consultancy, and the other options given to the client are not deemed suitable.

    2. Cancellation with permission of rebooking of appointment will be allowed only in cases where the Client has intimated about the same at least 24 hours prior to the time fixed for appointment.

    3. In any given condition, the client will be allowed to reschedule the session only once from their end.

The above policy of cancellation/re-booking is subject to change from time to time.

Updated 25th April 2020

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