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Do they really matter?!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

How often do we face difficulties and obstacles in our way of striving for something we've been preparing for? Very often, I believe. As humans, we're social animals and with that, we've evolved into a species that requires validation, motivation, and inspiration from various sources- they can be any living or non- living thing. The reason for such needs is because these help us to be at it, to keep positive and optimistic.

And yet, when we hear people saying that, " Yeah you need validation, don't you?!", we're easily offended! Let's look into what causes this offense. We take offense when something that we're trying to hide, is suddenly out in the open and we feel exposed, or when we know that some of our actions are negative or when we're ashamed of committing certain actions.

So, here's busting the myth about validation being wrong or something to be ashamed of.

It's a human need and it's nothing wrong. It's in fact, one of the most underrated human needs.

We need validation to feel good about ourselves, to gain assurance of what we're striving for, and because it helps with our positivity and helps us be optimistic about what's about to come, because it also boosts self confidence!

See the effects of validation?!

Seeking it, or wanting it isn't problematic. The issues arise when one can't do without it. When there's an addictive, constant need of validation, that's uncontrollable and eventually becomes a part of oneself.

Let's accept this need of ours and put it out in the open. Accept that, we're human and that our sources of validation can be various. Even a stone.

Maybe then, the constant addictive need won't exist! Validation has the power to lower self-loathing, reduce stress, and have long lasting effects on one's sense of self.

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- Piyusha Pande


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