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India's First Work Ex program for Mental Health Professionals

A work experience program aiming towards betterment of the field of Psychology by bringing about an update in present practice.

By Omkar Naik – Therapist & Life Coach Founder & Director CINQ IN
Piyusha Pande Therapist & Mindfulness Practitioner Founder &  Director CINQ IN


Who will benefit from this program?

  • New psychologists seeking to develop a solid foundation in core areas of psychology, as well as practical skills and knowledge in relaxation, diagnosis, testing, and medical awareness.

  • Practicing psychologists seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in these areas, and to maintain high standards of care through regular self-improvement and reflection.

  • Mental health professionals seeking to provide holistic care to their clients, incorporating relaxation, mindfulness, and medical awareness into their practice.

  • Institutions seeking professional readiness to their students

  • Employers seeking workplace ready and experienced yet fresh and enthusiastic professionals

Clients seeking safe, effective, and holistic and affordable mental health care from competent and well-trained professionals.

What are the expected outcomes?

Practical Application of Knowledge: The field of psychology in India, as of today, lacks professionals who have strong practical knowledge about the field and know how to apply the knowledge that their respective institutes provide. This programme will help solve that problem by training newcomers to be ready for such practical applications by providing holistic and evidence-based learning to all individuals. The programme will also help them develop skills such as Diagnosis, clinical skills, professionalism, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, which are vital for further practice.


Exposure to mainstream healthcare sector: The programme will help students gain a deeper understanding of the field and its dynamics, enhancing their overall perspective.


Professional Development: The programme will also aid individuals in building confidence, professionalism, and work ethics by working alongside experienced professionals and receiving mentorship.

Employability : This program prepares individuals to be ready to work in mainstream healthcare, thus making each applicant an attractive candidate for perspective employers and a capable clinician.

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